A pharmacist by day and a social causes advocate by night, Syed Azmi Alhabshi is best known for his charitable work in communities ranging from the homeless to cancer patients and refugees. By organizing events such as Free Markets and initiating Suspended Meals these group efforts have helped (and still helping) those in need by providing necessities such as clothing and food free-of-charge, and thanks to the contributions from kind donors and supporters, Syed Azmi and his friends have been making small impacts on bettering some conditions in our society.

A true giver from the heart, Syed’s initiatives, which also include work with single mothers and old folks’ homes, operate on two basic rules – to only take what you need, and to ask for it politely. In return, a simple thank you will do.

Using his Facebook page as his only platform to share stories of encounters with people he comes across every other day, and uses it to spread the word about his projects and recruit volunteers, Syed emphasizes that there is no need to be in a society or organize the next great fundraiser to make a difference in someone’s life. “I’m just a small lamb. I like to be nice, and I wanted people to be nice to others. Simple.”

Syed is currently busy planning more humanitarian projects and lending a helping hand where possible and within means to anyone who needs it.

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