Paladin is a newly formed Cello rock band based in Malaysia. Their name — the 16th century French word for ‘warrior’ — encompasses their daily struggle of playing heavy, new-age music with classical cello instruments in an engaging, credible way.

All of Paladin’s members are professional cellists who met while doing gigs in KL. They discovered they shared similar musical interests, as well as an ambition to take the Cello further in the contemporary scene.

Playing exclusively with classical cellos, Paladin is able to produce a wide variety of sounds, from the purest acoustic to the craziest electric.

Paladin is most well-known for their live performances of songs in all musical genres, from Hard Rock and Pop to Funk and Reggae. Performed in Paladin’s own arrangements, these popular songs are warmly welcomed by all audiences, and are perceived as “innovative, original, visually stunning and most importantly, loads of mad fun.”

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