The world was Leonard Chua’s oyster. Beginning his profession as a Food and Beverage staff in Malacca in 1998, he then worked for MAS (Malaysia Airlines System) as an air steward. Following that he was a part-time modeling endeavor from 1999 to 2001. Letting his dreams take another flight, he left MAS in 2001 and became a bodybuilder-model-turned entrepreneur.

The fateful night of 6th of October, 2005 changed his life forever, becoming a wheelchair user since. He met with an accident at the Kuala Lumpur Federal Highway and was subsequently admitted to the hospital for six weeks, followed by 4 months of rehabilitation.

Leonard held on to a solemn hope for recovery, albeit everything having been a daunting struggle. Today, he is a motivational speaker and has spoken at numerous corporate occasions. In mid-2010, Leonard was selected as one of CLEO’s 50 most eligible bachelors of the year, making him the first disabled CLEO Malaysia bachelor finalist.

Having overcome numerous obstacles since the life-altering incident, he is resolved in helping those of a similar path. Leonard is the subject of inspiration. Although several awards have been bestowed upon him, the most valuable is a second chance at life.

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