Jason Lim, a film director and producer who has produced some of the most viral, disturbing and shocking yet touching films to date, which have touched and reached millions across the world. His films are not designed to entertain and neither did his films leave his audience entertained but rather evoked in emotions leaving them in deep thought. His films are designed to evoke a positive mindset, evoking civic consciousness and moral ethics. Jason Lim touches on topics that many might consider sensitive such as racism and social issues however he keeps the intensity of the subject intact and angles it from a perspective that evokes the audience’s mindset positively.

Always obsessed with his passion for the entertainment industry, he finally worked his way in and started off as an extra in dramas and movies. Hoping to make it, he slowly learned the tools of the trade in the industry and quickly figured out that there was so much more to film than just acting and making comedy episodes.

What Jason Lim saw was more than what a film that meets the eye. He saw an opportunity to use film as a medium to educate and evoke the audience’s emotions with a purpose. Something that can literally change the society’s mindset for the better.

Summoning the courage to film in restricted areas and off limit zones just to capture the truth and reality has landed Jason Lim and his crew in many unfavourable places. Filming the reality of how selfish and ignorant the society has become allows the public to see a reflection of themselves and Jason Lim captures all these moments on film with finesse.

Having not won a single award for filming the truths of the society but instead, he won the heart of millions around the world by creating awareness that deserves our immediate attention as Jason Lim gains his satisfaction from the impact of his Films. From Down syndrome individuals to the Visually Impaired and to the lack of Civic Consciousness, Jason Lim positions his films to evoke a powerful message to the society.

Having his films recognised globally, Jason Lim has captured the attention and collaborated with many International renowned institutions and organisations from Los Angeles, California to Washington, D.C and continues to collaborate with International Artists to deliver his films in a unique perspective.

Together with the Academy of Music for the Blind, Los Angeles, California and a Visually Impaired Finalist “Blessing Offor” from The Voice, America, Jason Lim has produced the First ever Audio Describe Film casted entirely of 70 blind individuals which makes it the First ever film made by the blind, for the sighted.

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