Dr. Louisa has aspired to be a dolphin researcher ever since she was a teenager. After secondary school, she headed west, completing her tertiary studies in Hawai’i and Scotland before returning to Malaysia. She fulfilled her dream 17 years later, co-founding her own non-profit marine biology research organization, MareCet. The underlying objective of MareCet is to spread the message of marine conservation to the general public, using science and dolphins as the iconic group to do just that. One of Dr. Louisa’s main career goals is to raise the profile of marine mammals in Malaysia, and to build local research and conservation capacity for these animals and their fragile marine environment. In her own words, “If I can reduce the number of people asking me in disbelief whether Malaysia has dolphins, then I would have done something right in my career’s lifetime”.

Dr. Louisa’s illustrious research career has spanned 9 years and several seas, including the Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Bering Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Andaman Sea and the South China Sea. She serves on many international boards and is a Research Fellow at Universiti Malaya. Her current projects include the Langkawi and Matang Dolphin Research Projects, the Trat Coastal Dolphins Project in Thailand, and the upcoming semi-interactive Langkawi Dolphin Floating Exhibition (FLEX). FLEX will feature, among other things, a life-sized sculpture of a Bryde’s whale! In her spare time, Dr. Louisa enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures.

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