At just 17 years old, Cynthia Lam is building an invention that will drastically improve the lives of people living without access to clean water and electricity.

Currently based in Melbourne, Australia, this young inventor has developed a device that can purify water and generate electricity — using just the energy from the sun. Dubbed ‘H2prO’, this potentially life-changing invention has shot to international fame this year as one of Google Science Fair’s 15 global finalists. Cynthia will be representing Australia in the Finals at Google’s Mountain View HQ.

Cynthia is currently working to put the finishing touches on her design. Her ultimate goal is for H2prO to be a sustainable source of clean energy and water for those living in underdeveloped countries.

She believes in raising awareness about water and electricity scarcity, as “it is important to realize that the things we take for granted are what a lot of others are praying for.”

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